We've been going to Adventure Preschool for two years and my son loves it!  He'll start kindergarten next year and I've been amazed at all that he has learned in the first few months of the 'fours' class.  He has made so many friends and continues to be more and more independent each week.  The teachers and director of the school are so friendly...they are always available during pick up and it's nice to know that they all know Landry, even if he hasn't been in their class.  They sincerely want to be there and want to help teach all of the children in a safe and fun environment.  I'm actually sad that I won't be there to see their smiling faces after this summer!

-Mom of 4-year old

My 4 year old daughter has been going to adventure preschool since 2 years. She has turned out to be so outgoing, friendly and has learnt a lot in school. I initially chose the place for my little one since it was opposite to the university and I work there. I'm so glad I found this place.... They have a systematic plan for each day; they aim at developing the kids social, emotional and intellectual skills. All the teachers I know are so friendly and full of energy. They care genuinely for the kids and they are very understanding with the parents. They also have flexible timings...like you can choose few or all days of the week OR full or half day. Overall we are more than satisfied with the preschool.

-Parent of 4-year old

You know you have your child in the right place, when your child goes to sleep telling you about how much she loves her teachers. From the first day we brought our daughter to Advent Lutheran, we have felt the love and support of a community of teachers. The staff who work there are committed to building relationships with your child, fostering curiosity, and preparing students for the demands and rigor of this 21st Century world. When Penny comes home from school she has a full report to share with us about letters, numbers, and new units she is studying. As a teacher myself, I know my child is on the right path for a successful educational career, because the foundations being set while at Advent Lutheran have fostered a love of learning and excitement about school, that a parent can only hope their child will have. Miss Sharon, the director, goes above and beyond to know each child, and support him or her as she develops, as well as loving and supporting the family as a unit.

-Anonymous New Teacher Support Coach