Toddler / Apple Dumplings Class

The preschool welcomes Ms. Brooke and Ms. Lauren as teachers this year, to Adventure Preschool. They will provide a great environment for the toddlers and two year olds to play and grow socially. For many, this is their first experience away from mom and dad, which can be difficult. Our teachers are wonderful at comforting the children and making sure that they all become a part of the class and grow throughout the school year. This is a mixed age group, which is well documented to be beneficial for all children. The teachers provide daily activities and opportunities to experience a multi-sensory environment. Potty training is also introduced if the parents and teachers feel that the child is ready developmentally.

Two's / Orange Blossoms Class

This classroom has a mixed age group of two and some three year old children. The teachers working with the children daily are Ms. Lucy, Ms. April, and Ms. Jenny. The teachers provide a developmentally appropriate environment for these children to learnt and grow through play and multi-sensory experiences. The children really enjoy circle time and all the art activities that they do. The children are always engaged with each other, activities and the teachers. They are all learning their letters, colors and shapes, as well as being in a new environment and following directions. Some of the children are beginning the potty training experience, with others mastering the task. The teachers strive to make all children feel welcomed, loved and independent.

Three's / Purple Plums Class

The three's class is lead, once again, by Ms. Marie and Ms. Stephanie. They are providing some wonderful opportunities for the children daily to learn through play and hands-on activities. This class tries to focus on a letter of the alphabet each week and provide activities in circle time, project time, as well as other themes used throughout the year. They work really hard on the children following directions and being able to sit for a longer time in a group setting as they get ready to move to the four year old classroom. This is a year-long process with the children who are growing and learning by leaps and bounds. This age group really loves the dramatic play area during center time, as well as science experiments that they get to participate in.

Four's / Red Berries Class

The four year olds are led by Ms. Katrina, Ms. Kris, Ms. Stephanie, and Mr. Jake. We have had two teachers out on maternity leave at different times this year, so we have a few more staff than usual in this class. We want to make sure of consistency for the children. The teacher provide a developmentally appropriate environment for the children to learn and grow throughout the year. This classroom offers a self-management system that helps the children become more independent as they get ready to begin Kindergarten. The children are always engaged in play and learning opportunities. They are truly building the foundation for children to become successful Kindergarteners and helping to develop that love of learning that will help them all be successfully for years to come. The children are provided a structured day with multi-sensory activities to learn and develop in all skill areas.