Advent Lutheran Church

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Director of Spiritual Development

Position Summary:
The Director of Spiritual Development (DSD) is responsible for developing and sustaining a comprehensive Spiritual Development ministry. The DSD will collaborate with church staff, pastor(s), the Spiritual Development Board and will assume responsibility for the oversight of Milestone Ministries (birth through high school) and Christian Education for the entire congregation. The DSD will recruit, train, and support volunteers within these ministries. The DSD will foster an environment at Advent Lutheran Church where the faith of all people can grow. The DSD position is a full-time role, encompassing a wide range of responsibilities.  We anticipate that the overall role of the successful candidate involves the following: 1) passionately investing 50% of his/her time in the faith formation of teenagers (middle school and high school); 2) employing strong administrative gifts 40% of his/her time; and 3) working directly with children and adults 10% of his/her time. View the full job description
here. Send cover letters and resumes to jobs_email. Applications accepted through mid-January 2018.